Tags for devices

1.    How to add tags to devices 

1.1 Introduction

From CityManager v2.7, a start has been made to add and support ‘tags’ to devices. At this moment, this is mainly useful when using Tvilight’s APIs. This document will describe how to add tags to devices via CityManager. The APIs for creating tags and search devices based on given tags is out of scope for this document.

1.2 Steps to add tags

  1. In the “General“ tab of a device, a new field has been added called “Tags“. The field is a special input field in which you can enter tags. There is no technical limitations about what type of characters you put in a tag. In the text-box, you can simply start adding new tags. Type a “,“ (comma), or hit the “TAB“ key to finish a specific tag (it will visualize a gray background behind it).

2. When you want to tag other devices with the same tag, the tag-field comes with a suggestion-list based on earlier saved tags on other devices in the same organization.