Support for “Bulk-import“ of serial numbers in CityManager

1.    Support for “Bulk-import“ of serial numbers in CityManager

1.1 Introduction

From CityManager version 2.7 onwards, CityManager allows users to add multiple devices (up to 500) in one go. This is what we call the “bulk-import” feature.


NOTE: For this functionality you need to have a list of devices first. This can either be manually obtained by noting down the devices from your stock that you are planning to install, but a list of complete shipments can also requested from Tvilight.


1.2 How to use the “bulk-import” feature

  1. Go to a group in CityManager to which you would like to add devices. Click on “Add device” and then select “Add multiple devices”.

2. When clicking the link, the serial number input will transform into a multiline text-field where you can insert max 500 units at a time.

3. Every serial number needs to be added on a new line. But if you have a comma-separated list, you can also paste it in, and the text-field will automatically transform it into newlines. Some other text-parsing is also done (like stripping whitespace, remove quotes, etc) to try to help with the formatting.

When clicking the “save” button, the form first checks if all devices could be found in “stock”. If that is not the case, then it will display an error with the missing serial numbers. These need to be corrected before doing the next attempt.

4. When all devices could be found in stock, they will be added to the group. Please note this this may take some time, so please be patient.